Cyber Insurance – A Risk Mitigation Tool for Cyber Risk in India

  • R. Raghavan
Keywords: Cyber Risk, Cyber Insurance, Cyber Liability, Reputational Risks, Cyber Risk Management


The disruptions in cyberspace, can emanate from both natural events as well as through human accidental and intentional interventions. These man-made cyberspace disruptions are more onerous, and are occurring with increasingly alarming frequency, intensity and viciousness.

The ‘e-space’ ecosystem in India has undergone humongous transformation during the last few decades. This paradigm shift demands that platforms on which these are built are tamperproof, and the user-edifices that control them, should be citizen-friendly, user-transparent and free of all types of vulnerabilities, any of which, if overlooked or mutualized, will portend enormous credibility crises having, financial social and ethical consequences particularly in a democracy.

This paper is an attempt to trace the vulnerability of India and her citizens to cyber-crime, explore the potential effects, and examine whether the risk of cyber-crime can be managed reasonably, with the insurance as an effective Risk Transfer Medium, inter alia, with various Public-Private Partnership measures to combat this ever-present threat.

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